Pearl PBJV 10 inch Top Tuned Djembe - #697 Tribal Fire

Pearl PBJV 10 inch Top Tuned Djembe - #697 Tribal Fire

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Top Tuned Djembe

Djembes produce a wide range of sounds and are ideal as a solo instrument or as part of a large percussion ensemble or drum circle. Pearl’s Top Tune Djembe series includes three different size drums; 10", 12” and 14” that produce a thunderous low-end punch. The patented seamless synthetic shells are available in two dynamic hand-painted finishes #697 Tribal Fire and #696 Purple Haze with synthetic skin heads. Pearl’s top tuning mechanism simplifies the tuning process and makes changing heads a breeze.

Traditional djembes are roped tuned and that tuning method requires considerable experience. Pearl's Top Tuned djembes make tuning your drum easy with a hoop and lug system that works like other acoustic drums. The tuning wrench is included with the drum. The Top Tuned djembes feature a synthetic head designed to resist detuning from moisture and temperature changes. The bottom edge of the drum is protected by a rubber rim.

Care Guide: Pearl Top Tune Djembe drums feature a synthetic shell that is subject to react to extremely hot conditions. Refrain from prolonged exposure to temperatures at or above 122°F / 50°C. Failure to do so may result in damage to the instrument. For the utmost care, we recommend a moderate stable climate suitable for humans.


Patented Seamless Synthetic


Simulated skin