Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal
Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal
Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal
Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal
Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal
Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal
Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal

Hammond SKX Pro with Pedal

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Two-manual organ with piano, ensemble and synthesizer


With the SKX Pro, Hammond presents a two-manual digital organ that combines a best-of of different sound generators. The velocity-sensitive Waterfall keyboard offers 61 keys per manual and is very pleasant to play, taking up 2/3 of the instrument. To the left of the keyboard on the upper level are the proven handwheels for pitchbend and modulation. The lower manual offers control keys for an external Leslie cabinet in the same place, which can be connected via the 11-pin socket on the back. The color display contributes to the good overview of the SKX Pro, through which further settings can be made for the various sound generators. Also happens in this area the complete data management in the instrument along with handling the favorite sounds and the numerous memory locations that are stored individually per sound generation.

Four different sound generators!

The organ section offers nine real drawbars each for upper and lower part and two additional drawbars for the pedals. With vibrato and chorus effects as well as a charismatic overdrive the organ sounds can be customized to your personal taste.

Piano provides a good selection of sounds from acoustic piano, electric piano, harpsichord, clavinet and other classics.

Ensemble specializes in sounds that are perfect to accompany organ and piano, among others. Strings, choirs, polyphonic synth pads, horns and more are offered here.

The monophonic synthesizer section offers, despite its digital origin, convincing, classic analog sounds that can be adjusted quickly and to the point with just a few parameters. Six different oscillator models and a resonant filter provide the basic framework from which the sounds are formed. For this there are two ADSR envelopes that act on pitch and filter as well as the volume, portamento and an LFO round off the Mono Synth sensibly.

The Hammond SKX PRO:

  • 2x 61 keys Waterfall keyboard
  • Organ, piano, ensemble & synthesizer sound generation
  • Drawbars for Upper, Lower & Pedal
  • Effects per instrument and for the master section
  • Direct access for favorite sounds
  • Sounds: Combination 200, Organ: 200, Piano / Ensemble 700, Synth 200
  • Recording function
  • Handwheels for pitchbend & modulation
  • Control buttons for Leslie cabinet
  • 11-pin connector for Leslie cabinet
  • Rotary output
  • Organ pedal output
  • Stereo out + 2 assignable outputs
  • Audio input
  • MIDI In & Out
  • Connectors for 2 footswitches
  • Input for expression pedal
  • Input for damper pedal
  • Weight: 18 kg