KZ Z3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Buds
KZ Z3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Buds
KZ Z3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Buds
KZ Z3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Buds
KZ Z3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Buds

KZ Z3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Buds

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4-unit hybrid technology
Acoustic hybrid wireless earphone
A high-end product designed for music producers and audiophiles.

Persevering in the pursuit of fantastic quality

Bluetooth 5.2
AptX audio coding
Automatically reconnect
Support standalone use
HD Microphone
Stable signal
Earphones can be used for 6h
Wide compatibility
AptX audio coding restores beautiful melody
AptX adaptive, combining the advantages of both aptX HD and Lossless, it can adjust the sound quality and delay and bring us higher sound quality through Bluetooth.
aptX LL
Mainly low latency, the main feature is that it can achieve a delay below 40ms.
aptX HD
Mainly high-definition audio, so that the sound quality is better, the signal noise is lower, the distortion is less, and the transmission rate is significantly increased.
Simultaneously reach the microsecond level with almost no delay
After entering the game, three-click the touch key to immediately turn on the high-performance mode, achieving almost 0 delays of audio and video synchronization and playing various competitive games at will.
Bluetooth 5.2 stable connection
Using Qualcomm QCC3040 chip
The advanced Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chip brings better connection performance, call effectiveness, compatibility, functionality, and other significantly improved aspects.
1BA+1DD on one side, there are four units total on both sides
Professional acoustic configuration in the true sense!
KZ Z3 is based on the strong low frequency of the 10mm polymer composite diaphragm with the 30019 high-frequency closed balanced armature unit specially developed for hybrid technology Bluetooth is added to optimize the middle and high frequency of the human voice.
Physical noise reduction
Effectively isolates external noise
The KZ Z3 design that fits the curve of the human auricle ensures long-term wearing comfort and improves the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of the earphone, and effectively reducing external noise interference.
Touch lightly, enjoy what you want
Abandon the complicated operation, switch the music, volume adjustment, start Siri, and so on. You can operate all functions with one button.
Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth range:
15m (affected by the environment)
Weight of two earphones:
Charging Bin weight:
Charging Bin power:
10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit
30019 high frequency balanced armature