Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal
Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal
Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal
Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal
Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal
Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal

Pearl P1030R Red Drum Pedal

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Fly Solo, and set our feet free! With traditional feel similar to the Radical Progressive Action on the Eliminator Red cam, the Solo: Red model has an accurate, resistance-free feel for effortless action and accentuated rebound. The shape of the Red cam allows the dual-chain drive to match the motion of your foot, for fast, fluid strokes and increased power.

Delivering accurate speed and focused performance, the Eliminator Solo: Red bass drum pedal delivers no-nonsense Eliminator feel for the technically decisive player. 

Focusing the drive on the accurate feel of the Radical Progressive Action of Eliminator: Redline Red Cam, its shape allows the double chain to better match the motion of your foot. This means smooth movement at the bottom of the stroke with an accelerated PUSH at the top, and quick rebound for reactive doubles.

Other Eliminator features include accelerated action, Roller Hoop Clamp, and our Patented Powershifter function. 

Fly Solo, and set our feet free!

Drive Sprocket-less Double Chain
Foot Board
Brushed Chrome
Three Position
Beater Angle
Uni-Lock Infinitely Adjustable
Roller Hoop Clamp
Side Mount Adjustment.
Tension Adjustment 
Control Core QuadBeater
Radical Progressive Action (Red) Cam

Its unique "drop off" angle gives the drive chain added leverage to better match the motion of your foot, for increased PUSH at the top of the stroke.

High Performance Foot Board

Its resistance-free, smooth design promotes quick movement forward and aft along the pedal surface.

Powershifter Function

By moving the foot board forward or back, our revolutionary PowerShifter function provides 3 positions to fine tune the power and feel of the pedal. Instantly change the drive angle leverage to create a light, regular, or strong feel.

Click-Lock Spring Tension Adjustment

Locks the desired spring settings into place and prevents tension creep under play.

Control Core QuadBeater

With a reduced profile, Pearl’s QuadBeater provides the same four beater surfaces of the original (two hard plastic, two felt) but with the added feel and power of the Control Core elastomer center to eliminate vibration.

Uni-Lock Beater Angle Adjustment

Allows infinite beater angle adjustments and adjusts pedal height with convenient reference markings to assure the same angle on both main and auxiliary pedals.

Roller Hoop Clamp

w/ Side Mount Adjustment. Quickly adapts to a wide range of hoop thicknesses for the smoothest, most secure grip possible. Easy side access to the hoop clamp makes set up and tear down a breeze.

Universal Joint

Adjustable and free of play that causes latency or lag in auxiliary pedals.