Suzuki Airwave Harmonica - AW-1
Suzuki Airwave Harmonica - AW-1

Suzuki Airwave Harmonica - AW-1

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Easy to play with wider distance between holes.
This is a 10hole Harmonica for Children expanding the space between holes to blow and draw each note easily. With smooth resin cover and without angular corner, it will be used safely. Even if the users are unable to read musical score, it can be played. Blue, Red and Orange colors are available.

Easy to play with safe for kids.

  • Because the design is round shaped with no plate on the surface, it can be used safely by Children.
  • Because the space between the holes is broad, each note can be blown and drawn easily
  • With same tone arrangement as the usual 10Hole Harmonica, full-blown performance such as bend is possible.
Range  10-hole 20notes
Material ABS(cover・body)
Aluminum plate
Key C
Measure 165×57×20mm
Weight 70g
Accessory Musical score
Remark Three colors (Blue, Red, Orange) are available.