Suzuki Melodica - MX37C
Suzuki Melodica - MX37C

Suzuki Melodica - MX37C

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Suzuki’s MX37 Is Great For Beginner And Intermediate Melodica Players Maximising The Warm Tones Of The Melodion, And Taking Your Performance To The Next Level.

Complete With Mouthpiece, Flexible Tube And Blue Leatherette Case. Please Note That Like All Instruments With Reeds; The Tuning Of Melodicas & Melodions Can Vary From Shipping & May Require Fine Tuning.


  • Keys: Alto 37keys f~f3
  • Reed Plate: Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece: 2 Types (Regular/Pipe)
  • Case: Soft case
  • Size: 480x105x45mm
  • Weight: 680g (case: 320g)