Suzuki Study-24 Harmonica
Suzuki Study-24 Harmonica

Suzuki Study-24 Harmonica

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Suzuki Study-24 High Quality 24 Hole Tremolo Harmonica Key C is made of harmless resin frets, it has a thickened spring, compact and durable spotted steel plate cover, beautiful tone and compact structure, "make" marks with white color, considerate design for beginners and music lovers.


-Gorgeous 24-hole tremolo harmonica, Key C, provides melodic and bright sound.
-Thickened spring for your sensitive and stable operation.
-Adopts environmentally friendly resin frets, safe to play and not easy to distort.
-"DO" marks with white color for the main player to find the place of the tone easily and quickly, quite convenient for playing complex tunes.
-Stainless steel lid with high gloss, compact structure and durable quality for long service life.
-Easy to play, humanized design for smooth mouth movement.


-Brand: Suzuki
-Model: Study-24
-Material: resin and spotted steel
-Hole: 24
-Key: C

What's in the box
1 x Harmonica